Pure Bilva Dried Leaf |Bael Leaf |Bael Patra |Aegle Marmelos |200 Gm


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  • Diabetes – Bilva leaves are renowned for controlling the blood sugar levels in one’s body. It is because of its richness in laxatives, which in turn helps in producing the required insulin to control the sugar levels.
  • Bilva powder may help in maintaining the healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Bael patra powder may help in maintaining a healthy digestive system & metabolism
  • Even Belpatra is used to control cholesterol levels in one’s body, and is also known to treat heart diseases.
  • It is because of the presence of the tannin in bael, Belpatra is useful in curing diseases like diarrhea

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 12 × 6.5 × 22.7 cm

1 review for Pure Bilva Dried Leaf |Bael Leaf |Bael Patra |Aegle Marmelos |200 Gm

  1. Ram

    Good Product. Did not got any chemical here.

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